Open Daily.  Sunday to Saturday 12 to 4,  Wet Zorbing is available year round - swimsuit recommended. Dry Zorbing only available Fall & Winter call to check on Dry Zorbing. 

Our Smoky Mountain adventure will change your life! Or at least add an unforgettable experience or two, or three, or ten. We’ve got zorbing packages that will match your need for fun! See our pricing packages below.

OGO Packages (zorbing rolls)

We sell our zorbing rolls by the person. 1 paid roll is good for 1 roll for 1 person. If 3 people are rolling together, each person would need to purchase 1 roll for a total of 3 rolls.

  • 1 Person Rolling = 1 Roll
  • 3 People Rolling at 1 Time = 3 Rolls 
Only $19/Roll
Only $18/Roll
Only $17/Roll


Personal video and T-shirts available as add-ons to your package. Ask for pricing.

 VIDEOS: And to make sure we capture every laughing, screaming moment we have GoPro cameras inside to video every ride and capture the smiles and victory poses at the bottom.

AMENITIES: Our goal at the Outdoor Gravity Park is to give you a fun experience leaving you with a smile on your face and a jazz in your step. Besides our adventure activities, you’ll find:

  • Changing rooms & restrooms
  • Beverages (water and Coke)
  • Your personal video available on USB or Facebook upload
  • T-shirts to brag about your experience
  • We have shorts and towels for sale as well
  • Ask about our Gift Cards, the perfect gift!!!
  • And a crew full of people just bubbling over to help you experience your adventure

AGE & WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: And although we love our young’ins and welcome them at the park, they will have to be at least 5 years old to ride in the giant orbs (5 year olds must roll with an adult). Otherwise they will be absorbed by the orb and lost forever, living in a land of sugarplum fairies and magical dragons. And we wouldn’t want that…..unless we could go with them! Maximum weight is 260lbs.

GROUPS: The OGO is a great all weather activity, catering with ease for corporate groups with team building options, school groups for education packages, social club functions and birthday parties. See our Groups, Parties & Team Building page for more information.



The OGO is bombastic, fantastic and made out of plastic. It's hilarious, mysterious and variously delirious. The OGO is your friend and it won’t let you down. You can laugh in it, surf in it, lie in it, swim in it, slide in it, sun in it, run in it, jump in it, play in it. And then start all over again. Some think it is just a huge human hamster ball but it is so much more.
The OGO is an 11 foot transparent sphere lovingly constructed from over 300 square feet of plastic, more than 1,000 little plastic anchors, about 600 multi-colored strings and endless hours of welding, gluing and tying combined with sweat, tears and billions of teensy little kisses to make a beautiful big ball that you can jump inside and roll down a hill.
It'll swallow you whole and spit you out a cleaner, sparklier person. A new you, with a bigger, bolder, brighter smile and an outlook on life that says, "I've been to the other side and it was GREAT!"

Zorbing in the USA!!!



The OGO Experience

It’s the iconic adventure experience. OGO!! No worries and no gymnastics - you do not “tumble” down the hill, you slip & slide!!!

To go zorbing in the OGO the Outdoor Gravity Park has a total of 4 tracks with 3 very unique zorbing experiences, MAKE SURE TO TRY ALL 3 TRACKS:

  • FUNnel – our newest adventure the combined FUNnel and zig zag course. Up to 3 people can roll in this one of a kind experience like no other zorbing track in the world!!!
  • Speed Demon – if you have a need for speed, this is the zorbing track for you. A total of 3 people can roll and you will definitely have experience being a little out of control as you speed down our 1000+ foot hill.
  • Extreme Zig Zag – this zig zag course is so extreme you must ride solo!!! If you are up for an extreme adventure this is a must do!!!

You can go by yourself, with a few friends or each grab an OGO and race down the hill. Loser buys the T-shirts and the next roll. 

NOTE: DRYGO (dry option) is only available fall, winter, early spring and only rolls on the Speed Demon (straight track).

  • Only zorbing like it in the U.S.
  • No tumbling. Slip & slide!
  • Start on a 1000 ft hill
  • Up to 3 rollers at one time
  • Watch your videos after you ride
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit & towel


This wet and wild experience is the most popular way to roll down a hill in an OGO.

One, two or three riders enter the H20GO at the top of the 1000 ft hill. You will superman-dive into the OGO and then we add in 10 gallons of water - cool in summer and warm in winter. Then we secure the door closed and launch the OGO downhill. The water inside the OGO makes the inside so slippery that the riders slide inside while it revolves around them. No dizziness or tumbling, just good clean fun!

So don't forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel!


We are offering a $3 off coupon for an OGO Roll or OGO Roll Package. Print out, show on your phone, or mention you saw the coupon on line.

Coupon 3 dollar off


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Outdoor Gravity Park has been selected for the 2017 Certificate of Excellence, reflecting the consistently great reviews you've earned on TripAdvisor.

5 Star Yelp

We have a perfect 5 stars on Yelp!



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