Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Can we come roll in the rain?
  • Yes, open rain or shine 364 days a year – lightning within 10 miles or impassable roadways are the only things we close for…

  • Chevron down Do you get wet?
  • Yes, heated water during colder temperatures.

  • Chevron down Do you have the DryGo (dry version)?
  • We only offer the DryGo when the temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

  • Chevron down Do you have to have a reservation?
  • It’s just first come first serve! We take walk-ins!

    To get the online discount on our website you do select the day you want to come and just come anytime during business hours that day (side note: you can easily switch days if required)

  • Chevron down Do you have any specials or discounts?
  • Yes, buying on our website is the best deal, the more you buy the less you pay per roll/per person.

  • Chevron down Can we buy a larger Roll package and split it?
  • Yes, absolutely 2 people for example can get a 10 roll pack and go 5 times each!

  • Chevron down Can we go in the same OGO ball?
  • Yes, however keep in mind it’s like tickets for airplane: 2 people is considered 2 rolls even if they are in the same OGO ball…



Phone (865) 366-2687
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203 Sugar Hollow Rd
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Monday-Sunday 11 am - 6 pm